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The knowledge of corrugated steel plate


The steel plate is made by processing and pressing the molten steel. There are many kinds of such steel plates, such as stainless steel plate, heat-resistant steel plate and non-slip steel plate . Compared with other ordinary steel plates, non-slip steel plates can play a non-slip effect and are also decorative. They are widely used in ship decks, cabin floors, site stairways, and some factory floor areas. So, how much is a slip square steel plate ? What need to pay attention to buying steel? The following is just a brief look at it with Xiaobian.

First, how much non-slip steel plate a square

Many people do not know that the price of steel is the weight per unit price of steel. Therefore, depending on the region and the thickness, the price of the steel plate will be different. The owner can ask the seller how much a ton before buying, and then find a few more to compare and find the most affordable business. So, how is the weight of the steel plate counted? Let's take a look at the example below.

If you want to buy a 100cm*200cm*1cm non-slip steel plate, the unit price is 5300 yuan/ton.

Weight of steel plate = 100cm (length) * 200cm (width) * 1cm (thickness) * 0.00785 (density of steel plate) = 157kg

The price of steel plate = 157kg * 5.3 yuan / ton = 832 yuan

Remarks: Regarding the unit price of steel, the steel prices of the day can be found on many large-scale websites. The source of these prices is the delivery price of major brands. The owners can refer to these prices at the time of purchase to prevent being deceived.

Second, what need to pay attention to the purchase of steel

1, because the price of steel is not the same every day, so the owners choose the cash spot when buying, can reduce the risk of some businesses to take the opportunity to increase prices. When buying, we must pay attention to the manufacturers of the products, because the quality and price of products produced by different manufacturers will be different, so be sure to ask the manufacturer before buying to avoid buying inferior products.

2. Before buying, you must determine the quantity of steel you need to use, because most of the construction sites are open air and are easily wetted by rain. If the steel you buy is wet, the manufacturer will not return it. There are also some steel products that are built according to the owner's needs. In this case, the business will not give you back. Therefore, in order to avoid spending more money, the owner must calculate the amount of construction before buying, and some of the insurance can give the drawings to the business. , please help businesses calculate.

3, when the time of purchase to find businesses to take inspection reports and certificate, if there are conditions, it is recommended that the owner can conduct another test, if the test report provided by the merchant is not the same, then immediately find a business negotiation solution.

4, to pay attention to the time of purchase to observe the surface of steel, good quality steel surface should be very bright, if the steel has obvious folding marks, it must not be purchased, the use of such steel is easy to crack, there are many security risks.

Editor's summary: The above is a small square for you to share about how much a non-slip steel plate a square? What information do you need to pay attention to when buying steel? I hope I can help you. If you want to learn more about decoration, you can follow this site.

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